A Study in the Old Testament

The Divine focus in the five books of Moses

The Old Testament is divided into: the five books of Moses, historical books, poetic books, and prophetic books. Today we will talk about the five books of Moses.

The purpose of this study or overview is not to go over some information, but rather to view these books through the eyes and mind of the Spirit of God who inspired them.

What was the mind of the Holy Spirit who inspired the writers of these books?

Why did He choose some to write historical books while others to write poetic, prophetic, or other categories? Why is this diversity? What is the purpose of it? Was it possible to only have historical books of Scripture or only prophetic books? Was it necessary to have historical books, poetic books, and all the variations?

Indeed, this was so necessary, not only because of the diversity of the human personality, but this is also related to the Person of God.

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