Annunciation 2019 

The Annunciation is considered to be the crown of feasts for it is the initiation of our salvation through incarnation, which continued with the Nativity of the Messiah and was completed by His death on the Cross and Resurrection.

We know from Church Tradition that the Virgin is also addressed as ‘the daughter of King David’ (as referenced in multiple church hymns). This term is taken from Psalm 45:13The royal daughter is all glorious within. The royal daughter is the daughter of King David, who is the Virgin. As for the expression ‘all glorious within’, it refers to her glory-filled inner life. This leads us to ask ourselves: What is the mystery of such an inner life? What lesson can we learn from it for our own lives?

The answer to these questions lies within a most important mystery revealed by the Fathers of the Church. This mystery can help us greatly in our practical spiritual life.