First: Incarnation and the divine mission
We are in Christ and Christ has been sent by the Father; therefore, we also become in Him sent by the Father.

Second: Incarnation and the continuous renewal of life 
Divine life should continuously flow and extend in our being, to the mind and the personality. This is the most serious spiritual battle because we tend to form certain convictions for ourselves which are a mixture of the spiritual teaching we receive and convictions from our upbringing and surrounding circumstances. This mixture turns our mind into a real prison. We become prisoners of our deceitful thoughts –despite living the spiritual life as we were taught it!

Thirdly: Incarnation and the dwelling of God with man
God also now requests a place to build up His tent, but this time it is different from the first one. The first tent is the tent of His body which He took from humanity through the Virgin Mary to carry out the mission of the Father and to complete redemption. But now, it became available for everyone who believes in Him to be implanted in this body (1Corinthians 12: 13) and become as Paul says: ‘members of His body, of His flesh and of His bones’ (Ephesians 5: 30). If the members of His body realise this and become united together, the ‘new tent’ would be manifested: the tent of His spiritual body. This refers to His people who are united with Him, His Church in any of its units whether small or big, provided that it has the features of the Church of the apostolic age when the Church was first established on the day of Pentecost –the features of having one mind and one heart.