According to the biblical revelation and the teaching of the fathers of the Church, the gifts and works of resurrection granted to God’s people through grace are numerous; they are the unsearchable riches of Christ!

To be able to understand, let us specify some aspects of this divine gift of resurrection:

– Inner divine enlightenment
– A stream of eternal life
– True and steadfast victory

This is just a background to help us enter into the manifold divine mysteries.
The ‘divine light’ works in man’s darkness; it is a darkness which man does not really know or perceive its extent. There is much inner darkness which makes God as if absent. Hence, at times man finds himself without rest, hope, or a goal; at other times, he can be confused, staggering, or spiritually fluctuating upwards and downwards.

Resurrection also grants ‘continuous overflow of the stream of eternal life, the life of God which unceasingly works in man’s dryness and restriction; in his withering and spiritual ageing; and in his inner hidden death. One may not be aware of this death; yet, he may sometimes feel that he is imprisoned in his own grave.

These divine gifts of resurrection ultimately lead to ‘true and steadfast victory’ over the world, the flesh, and sin. They also grant man victory over his inner struggles and outer fears. As a result, man is restored to his ‘first rank’, as the Holy Fathers put it; in other words, he is restored to his original state before the fall and even better!
The above was only an introduction which gives us an idea of the greatness of the well of Resurrection.

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