I.We should not make personal suggestions of how to bless our generation, but we need to search the scriptures to understand God’s mind in this matter: 
In order to bless the generation, we need to hold unto the biblical principles.
God wants a man of faith and a man of the covenant: a man of faith who is trained to hold onto the promises and a man of the covenant who understands the responsibilities and commitments of the covenant.
These are the general biblical principles that we need to know; yet, we also need to know the economy of the Holy Spirit for our generation because each generation has its own economy. We need to search the scriptures to find this economy of the Holy Spirit.

II.Our generation is the generation of the End Times:
In order to understand and realize our responsibility in blessing our generation and how to accomplish this, we need to bear in mind the distinct state of our generation. Our generation is, in fact, the generation of the End Times in which evil, confusion and lack of faith abound.