The Inner ManDo you feel stuck in your spiritual life, struggling with chronic sins or weaknesses that you are unable to get rid of? Do you feel that you have been moving within the same spiritual level and unable to breakthrough to soar to higher spiritual levels and enter into a deeper fellowship with God? This book will help you find your way out of spiritual limitations and struggles to enter into the unsearchable riches in Christ. It will take you step by step into the biblical revelation about the ‘inner man’ and ‘being transformed into Christ-likeness’. In this book you will also find answers and explanations to questions like: What is the ‘inner man’, according to the biblical revelation? What are the different stages of spiritual growth? Is there a link between the spiritual growth and the ‘inner man’? How is this all related to the formation of Christ in us; and how does this formation take place? The book also provides a discussion of the principles of the formation of Christ within us and their practical application as tools that help build our inner man. It then concludes with some amazing results of the formation of Christ in us. The purpose of this book is to help you find true release in your spiritual life, build your inner spiritual life, and enter into the unsearchable riches that have been granted to us in Christ. The revelation in this book is based on the biblical revelation and the teaching and life-experience of the fathers of the Church.