published in June 2017

God revealed Himself in various ways both in the Old and New Testaments so that we can know Him, experience Him, and enter into fellowship with Him. This book takes you on a journey to discover this biblical revelation about the Person of God, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
Do you have the spiritual hunger to enter into a deeper knowledge and experience of God?
Do you long to ascend the mountain of worship in closer fellowship with God?
Do you know that there are 16 names of God in the Old Testament and that each name reveals an aspect of God which humanity needs so much?
Do you want to learn more about the true spiritual unity which is in accordance to the unity between the Persons of the Trinity?
Do you want to learn about the spiritual situation of this generation, the reason behind it, and how this can be altered?

In this book, you will learn about the mystery of the Holy Trinity, the fellowship between the Persons of the Trinity, and how this reflects on our lives. You will learn the meaning of worshiping in spirit and truth. You will learn about the Person of Christ, His work of salvation and His ministry as Prophet and Teacher, as High Priest and supreme Sacrifice, and as the Risen Lord and King. You will learn about the Holy Spirit and His work in the Church. This book answers the above questions from a biblical, theological and Patristic perspective, with quotes from the writings of the fathers of the Church that reflect their understanding of the Person of God and their life-experience in the fellowship with the Holy Trinity. ‘He knitted together again the disunited elements, cementing them, as it were, together with the cement of His Divine power, and recombining what has been severed in a union never to be broken. And this is the resurrection’ (Gregory of Nyssa, The Great Catechism). ‘Together with Christ, who ascended through sacrifice and resurrection, we ascend to the peaks of the knowledge of God and of divine life through purification from selfish passions’ (Cyril of Alexandria, Glaphyra).

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