Biblical Foundations:

We all have a general biblical knowledge about “New Zion”; yet, probably only few would think of searching the deep biblical meaning and significance of New Zion and its practical relation to one’s spiritual life and calling.

We shall, thus, look at several references in this context and follow this concept in the bible step by step in order to perceive and understand some of God’s purposes regarding “Zion” and the revelation that God desires to reveal to our hearts.

Revelation 21: 2

“Then I, John, saw the holy city, New Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband.”

What is this city which is coming down out of heaven?

Actually, it is the city that was formed of the holy believers who acquired the bridal ornaments, carried out a distinct message in God’s Kingdom and have then joined heaven, one team after the other from generation to the other. In the fullness of time, (Christ’s second coming), this spiritual city –that consists of holy bridal souls adorned for the Bridegroom –will be revealed. Thus, the above verse is actually a reference to the final scene when Christ will be amidst His people; the Bridegroom with His bride.

Does this imply that New Jerusalem is only available when we finally go to Christ?!

Does it have any place in our present time?

In fact, this New Jerusalem that is coming down out of heaven is a manifestation of the spiritual city that is already present and which has been built in the Spirit among the believers throughout the generations. However, it was hidden from the natural physical eye because there was another physical Jerusalem that was known and seen and that is the city of Jerusalem in David’s time.

The reference in the above verse is to the unseen Jerusalem. Yet, in the end times, at the time of the manifestation of matters of the life to come, this unseen Jerusalem will be revealed, manifested and seen by everyone.

At the moment, though it is present, it is not yet seen. It is being built in stages, one stage after the other; in every generation a stage is being built until the final picture is seen at the end.

Thus, we need to know that a part of this New Jerusalem –which will be seen at the end adorned and covered with glory –is being built now by us, the believers, in this generation.

We should also remember that a believer, who receives and accepts his full responsibility in Christ, is, in part, responsible for the generation he lives in. When there is a group of people who live together with a joint vision, their responsibility for the generation would be bigger than that of an individual.

We shall understand shortly that the fullness of the work of the Kingdom of God will not be achieved without building our part in New Zion, Jerusalem.

To be able to understand this concept we need to go back to the very beginnings and see God’s mind regarding Jerusalem. We need to follow the mystery of this city from the start.