The aim of the gospel, which is also the aim of all ministers in every generation, is the growth and extension of the Kingdom of God.
After speaking to His disciples about the extension of the Kingdom and its hindrances, as discussed in the previous part, Jesus speaks to them about proclaiming the King and the Kingdom of God.
The Kingdom is the reign of the King. The King is Jesus. The word ‘Kingdom’ refers to His reign internally on the hearts and externally on earth. This is the complete meaning of the Kingdom of God: it is both an inner spiritual mystical Kingdom in the hearts and an outer Kingdom proclaimed on earth so that others may see it and believe.
The inner Kingdom is related to the believers and their fellowship with God, whereas, the outer Kingdom is related to the non-believers so that they may believe and be saved. Thus, it is written: “the Kingdom of God is within you” (Luke 17: 21).

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