The prophetic word is light in a dark place. As we approach the End Times, darkness increases. Therefore, the Church needs this light in her walk towards her ultimate goal which is meeting the Bridegroom, Jesus, and in her ministry; this would bear great practical fruits.

The prophetic work requires a special anointing from the Holy Spirit. It is not like any other anointing. Therefore, the human vessel that is to receive this anointing should be prepared in a special way. A life of worship is the main atmosphere that prepares the vessel and attracts this anointing from above.

When this anointing is released to the person, it becomes clear that a light shines in the darkness and the Church is led and guided by this light.

Among the important principles and practical steps of the prophetic work are:

1. The prophetic calling depends on understanding God’s mind and ways and following His commandments.
2. The prophetic word and the spiritual authority
3. The meaning of standing in the gap
4. The living example
5. Seeing the results