Some points about Prophetic Warriors

1.    Two basic principles:
a.    Inner life:
The spiritual growth of the inner man: building up pure spiritual energy without being mingled with the power of flesh. This energy is the power with which a warrior will send his spiritual arrows.

b.    Building up the “Base” from which the spiritual arrows will be released:

This “Base” is the spiritual “Alter”. A warrior must have built his own alter first.

2.    Truth that sets free:

Proclaiming the truth in the power of the Spirit (without any confrontations with evil powers) can break them in our lives, our meetings, our places and circles, on condition that this truth is first obeyed fully in the life of the warrior.

3.    Learning the true understanding of the fields of spiritual authority: 

This is related to understanding our place in the heavenly places and our spiritual “rank” in the army of God!

4.    True and genuine prophetic anointing:

This is so much dependent on ruminating the word of God where the verses (with the “grace” & “power” incorporated in them as the early church teaches) will sink down in the spirit of a warrior and thus creating a real prophetic power and authority. Prophetic is always connected with proclaiming. It is “fake” to use our own words and statements instead of God’s words!

It is so preferable for a warrior to be under the spiritual cover of a spiritual father; a tutor. There are delicate things that may face him unexpectedly and needs an instant action.

5.    Two important warnings:

a.    Stop the current charismatic way of blindly attacking evil powers and principalities before receiving a clear understanding about their realities, field of action and the corresponding strategy of God against them (His timing and His ways). David always received from God the plans against the enemies.

b.    Avoid stirring the hidden sleeping cells and foci, like the freemasonry. David didn’t entangle with Giants (Nephlim) except with those who came to attack. We heard about them again after David. He didn’t finish with them.