The spiritual marital union between Christ and the Church, His Bride, is a great mystery as we read in Ephesians 5: 32.

Every redeemed soul is called to be a bride for Christ with all the other bridal souls.

In our love encounter with the divine Beloved, the Holy Spirit betrothed us to Christ (Song of Solomon 8: 5) and poured in our hearts bridal love towards the divine Bridegroom. This love draws us towards Him and makes the path of following Him sweet.

The Holy Spirit who betrothed us to Christ, the Bridegroom, vigils on our spiritual growth, maturity, sanctification and on adorning us to be a royal Bride to the Bridegroom, the King.

The Holy Spirit is patient with us and He waits until love is awakened inside us (Song of Solomon 2: 7; 3: 5). He follows various methods to allow our souls to become bridal souls whose spiritual insight and understanding are opened to this mystical relationship with Christ as a Bridegroom of the soul. He uses suffering with its bitterness and He also uses the comforts of grace that console the heart (Esther 2: 12) so that the redeemed soul may be purified deep within from the corruption and the stench of sin. Then this soul receives her ornaments, crown and royal attire (Ezekiel 16: 9 – 14).

When the bridal love matures, after the journey of sanctification and purification, the soul knows that she has entered into a totally different relationship with Christ, her Bridegroom –different from what she has known before. As a result, the vineyard of the Lord would be her preoccupation and she would vigil on it without waiting for anything in return. Also, with great brotherly love, she would vigil on her younger brethren in the spirit until they reach maturity in their bridal love for Christ and then present them with joy to the Bridegroom (Song of Solomon 8: 8 – 12; Psalm 45: 14, 15).

The Holy Spirit is zealous and so He is sorrowed when the old serpent deceives us by the lusts and desires of the world spoiling our mystical relationship with our Bridegroom. As sin increases and love becomes lukewarm in the End Times, grace increases much more; the Holy Spirit offers us the pure teaching and pours inside us the holy zeal in order to aid, protect and strengthen the Bride of Christ to become an army with banners. She can then restrain the streams of evil and the plans of the lawless one from the Church and the world. Together with the Holy Spirit, this Bride helps in preparing the world for the coming of the Bridegroom, the King (Revelation 22: 17).