We have already heard a lot about the Cross and have understood many truths related to it. Yet, had we perceived all what we heard about the Cross deep within us, we surely would have been different and at a different spiritual point.

Why are we not at this point?

It is because we are missing an important point regarding the Cross. Today, I want to focus on this point.

I will focus on a verse which highlights the main point we want to focus on this year in relation to the Cross and that is: ‘And I, if I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all peoples to Myself’.

We all know that the Cross is death; it is freedom; it is forgiveness; and many other things. Yet, we may have never realised that the Cross has the power of drawing us upwards.

Why was Jesus crucified on a Cross? Why did He choose this particular way of dying?

Couldn’t He have died like the martyrs and His blood would still be shed? Isn’t He a sacrifice? The sacrifice could have been offered through various means. He could have been tortured, whipped, and then finally slain by the sword. He could have been treated like criminals and is beheaded in a public place. In this case He would have been in a position of reproach and shame (to bear our reproach); His blood would have been shed; and He would have suffered and endured many pains and passions.

Yet, He chose to be lifted up on the Cross and even the Cross itself was put on a high place, in Golgotha. Why is that?

It is because this is a divine economy that comprises a special mystery which we so much need to understand.